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                               How to Get your Ex Back

Breakups can be very hard, especially if you don't want it to happen this way. If you're sure he is  the person who is good for you, don't be discouraged. try the following helpful ideas to make him want to come back to you.

Step 1 : Accept the Breakup. 

Handle it with maturity and grace. If he did end the relationship, respect his decision and give him time to see things more clearly. He will value your understanding and will respect you more for treating him with respect.

The last thing you should  not do is to make a dramatic scene. crying or being angry with him won't get you anywhere, in fact, you may scare him.accept the breakup calmly. He probably expects a different response from you, but now he will be curious about your reassurance. This can sow the seeds of doubt in your mind.

Step 2 : Cut off all Communication. 

After a breakup, feelings are replaced and the best decisions are not always made. For this reason, we recommend that you temporarily suspend all contact with your ex.

don't harass your ex over phone calls, text messages, or facebook, as this will backfire. wait for him to contact you first.

It will be tough, but try not to contact your ex for at least 2-3 weeks. give him time to miss you.

Step  3 : give each one time to heal

breakups can be strong. harsh words are exchanged and feelings get hurt. they should take time to calm down, reflect, and heal. Only then can you think about resuming the relationship.

Going back when the wounds are open will bring back the same old problems and your efforts to revive the relationship will surely be lost.

I hope enough time has passed that you can think about the breakup and talk to your ex without getting angry or upset.

Step 4 : evaluate your relationship honestly

take the time to honestly evaluate your relationship, thinking about what didn't work and what did. try to identify the root problems that led to the end of the relationship and how they can be countered.

If you believe that your relationship problems can be solved, and you are both willing to work hard to make that happen, then your relationship will stand a chance.

Step 5 : apologize if you have to

At the end of a relationship or during a breakup, you may have said things you regret or didn't really think about. It's never too late to set an example and apologize.

if the breakup was the result of your actions, then you should definitely be the one apologizing in the first place. your ex will appreciate the gesture and may feel more receptive and friendly to you as a can never get rid of the past if you don't take responsibility for your mistakes.

Step 6: Focus on you

keep calm if you just went through a breakup that you didn't begin with, it can feel like your world is spiraling out of control. do not be alarmed. Keep calm and remember that you are strong and can control everything that comes your way.

don't make hasty decisions. you are in a vulnerable state of mind, so don't regret it later.

if you're planning on getting back together with your ex, no problem. However, you should give yourself time and space to resolve your personal conflicts before doing anything else.

Step 7 : talk to someone 

After a breakup, it is quite likely that you will have some internal conflicts to work through. The best thing you can do is find someone you trust: a friend, a family member, a therapist. with them you can release your anger, pain and painful tears. you will feel much better after doing this.

by talking about the breakup with someone outside the situation, you will have more freedom to express all of your feelings and thoughts without risking irreparable damage to the relationship with your ex.

Talking about the breakup will help you understand your feelings and get some perspective on the situation. you can begin to look at facts from a new perspective, better understanding your former motivations. This understanding and empathy can help you revive your relationship later.

Step 8 : Be Independent.

use a breakup (even if it's temporary) as an opportunity to gain some independence. In relationships, people are highly dependent on their partners and forget to act personally. Now there will be a chance to forget your independent identity for a long time. you will not regret.

visit your place, meet new people, try new things. Doing things on your own will help you gain confidence and help you feel fulfilled again.

reconnect with your friends. Many people unfairly abandon their friends when they get into a relationship. Now all you can do is take the initiative, organize a women's walk or meet. before you know it, you'll be laughing so hard you'll wonder why you haven't done it more often.

Step 9 : Take care of yourself.

You've been through a tough time lately, so take some time to focus on yourself and your needs. do things that make you happy and feel good.

take long baths, get plenty of rest, eat healthy and exercise. you'll feel better doing it.

you should be comfortable with yourself before even thinking about trying a relationship again.

Step 10 : Devote yourself to being better

Have you been complaining about your job since last year? quit and go for something better! Are you always thinking about trying a new hobby or exercise? Now is the time! to make the most of this opportunity and be the best version of yourself.

Many people consider a sexy new body to be the best way to get an ex's attention. however, don't just do it for him, do it for yourself. exercising together with a healthy diet releases hormones for a good mood and you'll have more energy and motivation to face the day.

Taking on a new job or trying a long-postponed hobby will give you a new area of ​​focus and less time to grieve the breakup. Hopefully, your ex will be pleasantly surprised by your new attitude.

Step 11: Go out into the World

Just because you're planning to get back together doesn't mean you can't have fun in the meantime. get ready and go flirt for a bit. Even if nothing happens, you'll remember that you're a charming and interesting person and that you have many more options if your relationship doesn't work out the way you want.

seeing your ex can cause you to notice feelings of jealousy and desire with another person. This can make him realize that he wants to be okay, which will help with your objectives.

Either way, be careful with this technique, because if your ex thinks you're completely happy with another guy, he might try another girl as well.

Step 12 : Let him contact you

let him take the first step. It can be hard to wait, but stay strong. At the very least, when he approaches you, you'll know he's thought of you and is ready to move on to the relationship he's in. if you press it too soon, it can react adversely.

once he approaches you, don't be difficult. respond in an attentive, sweet and diplomatic manner.

After they contact you, you can suggest that they meet in person. find a neutral place where you can chat privately, but with an easy exit if things go wrong. A cafeteria or public park is perfect.

Step 13 : remind her what attracted her to you in the beginning

Often the negative experiences at the end of a relationship can cover up all the good that happened before. remind this guy why he fell in love with you in the beginning.

light up his memory by wearing a perfume he wore on a first date or a dress he likes in you.

remember the good times they shared. remind them of how they felt about you when they were okay.

Step 14 : Take things Easy. 

Don't be too quick to restart the relationship. take the time to talk things through and make sure they are on equal terms. confirm that you both recognize where they need to improve and are ready to try again.try to exit again. go out to eat, go bowling or watch a movie together. share short, focused periods of time. get to know each other again.If you really try to see where the relationship ends, history is bound to repeat itself.leave the past in the past.

If you are both dedicated to correcting your shortcomings and are ready to start from scratch, then you should be grateful. treat it as a new relationship, without the added burden. forget the past and focus on the future together. advertisement


Hope you Learnt about How to Get your Ex Back


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